Collection: SEA URCHIN Handmade Origami Table Lamps

The SEA URCHIN table lamp marks our original foray into modular origami lamp making.

SEA URCHINS now encompass a range of different sizes and lots of gorgeous colours. 

Their oval shape is very reminiscent of a sea urchin shell, and the lamps do indeed have the quietly resonant presence of the natural world.

SEA URCHIN Handmade Origami Table Lamps

genus: URCHIN!

HAND INKED lamps are unique art pieces, each interlocking piece of Enduro paper ink-brushed before folding begins. These lamps have a gorgeously sculptural daytime presence that bursts into luminously vibrant life at night.

COLOUR RIB lamps are made from pre-coloured ribbed papers in various combinations and sizes, including a mini party range of table decoration lamps.