•  Dust off lamp using a hairdryer - on low speed, cool air.


  • Lamps are robust, however do not manhandle the shade if you can avoid it! And naturally, do not get them wet ---


  • LED globes as provided have 25000 lamp hours, however are replaceable if necessary. Buy a G9 lamp type, usually 2 or 3W, in warm white. If your lamp came with a cool white globe, this is on account of lamp colour, so you should replace it with cool white.


  • Lamps fit snugly around globe holder base. To remove, pull lamp shade slightly apart around base circumference and lift off. When you put it back on, squeeze it lightly around the lower sides to obtain a snug fit.


  • If for any reason the lamp shade gets damaged, it can be taken apart, the individual pieces ironed, and put back together again. If you need or want to do this, please get in touch with us and we can take you through it on a video call. Otherwise, please watch the video below for assembly demonstration.